Hyena Tee original cotton t shirt
Hyena Tee original cotton t shirt

We have loads of 100% cotton t-shirts with plenty of original designs to choose from. These include Wildlife t-shirt prints, Africa t-shirt prints and even a few designs for our Gamer buddies!  Do not forget about the bestselling Original Hyena Tee. 

We deliver to South Africa with FREE DELIVERY to Joburg, Randburg and Sandton. 


The team at Hyena Tees are fully committed to creating value for you the customer and wearer of these original t-shirts. All Hyena Tees are pure cotton t-shirts, sourced from local suppliers who are dedicated to sustainability. 

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South Africa is fighting a massive battle against rhino poaching. In the forefront are the non-profits and charity organisations who fund the people on the ground fighting the good fight to save these majestic beasts that are the rhinoceros.

We have joined the fight and a portion of every Rhino Hyena Tee goes to HelpngRhinos.Org